The God Of High School: Season 2 Release Date

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The god of Highschool is probably the third anime of this year that has gained fame despite being somewhat new. So, in this article, we are going to confirm if there will be a God of High School Season 2, if yes then what will be its release date?, Let’s find out

It has been a great year in terms of new anime released – although only a handful hit home and these are the ones that will stand the test of time. Even though only a few worthwhile anime got released, year 2020 was the year of webtoons getting animated.

Alongside God Of High School, we saw webtoons like Noblesse and Tower Of God getting animated as well and the fans loved it. Tower Of God Season 2 is expected to release at the same time as the upcoming GOH Season 2.

When it come’s to the action, there is a lot of anime out there to cloud your judgement. Among these, hand to hand combat animes is really good exceptionally and they have their own fanbase. But only a few of them can be recognized as good compared to the likes of Dragonball, jujutsu kaisen, Baki e.t.c are the forerunners.

Enter The God of Highschool, an anime filled with phenomenal sakuga usage and amazing fight choreography.

Pure, unadulterated one on one fights can get boring very soon – it needs several layers to shine up to its full potential – and The God of Highschool has that in abundance from the fighting ring down to the bare lands.

With the introduction of the Borrowed Power and Genuine Fighter power system, it added depth to its fights. Coupled with the steady storyline, it has done a very impressive job keeping things understandable to viewers.

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The first season of God of High School was released on July 6, 2020. It has a total of 13 episodes. The anime came to an end last year on September 28, 2020.

Because of the massive success of season one, the demand for a second season is getting higher everyday. And most importantly, there are many points in the story-line that left us all at a cliffhanger. Keeping in view of the original Manhwa, until now only two volumes are covered. Hence, there definitely will more upcoming seasons to cover the whole plot of 6 volumes, so there is still a lot to cover meaning there has to be a season 2, But when ?.

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the release of the season of the anime God of High School. But we can expect it to release sometime in Early 2022.

The upcoming season of the anime is going to introduce many new characters a few which are gonna impact this anime series greatly. One of which is Taejin Jin. He is a master of the modern martial arts style and the guardian to the protagonist of the anime. He learns this with the help of a North Korean captured soldier.

Taejin embarks on a journey to North Korea along with his men to investigate strange energy readings coming out from there. During the embarkment of their trip, they learn that various hidden things in the tunnels. Taejin encounters a giant creature similar to a gorilla. Taejin and his men manage to win the battle. Upon loosing, the creature gifts Taejin a crystal. The crystal leads to the existence of Jin Mori, the main protagonist of the series.

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