Tower Of God Season 1 Review

English Dub Season Review: Tower of God Season One - Bubbleblabber

Much like the concept of god itself, Tower of God will leave you feeling confused. You’ll find yourself questioning everything, and looking for details along the way that will help you demystify the truth. You suddenly find yourself, much like the characters, seeking the top of the Tower, because at its peak you’ll learn everything.

Even if we were to find out the truth, would we be able to understand it in the end? And is it the search for this truth that blinds us? As we embark on our quest for knowledge, it is our need for answers that stops us from seeing the real truth: We already have everything we need right in front of us. Rachel is searching for the stars, but Bam already has everything he needs right in front of him.

Tower of God Anime Review and Recap 1

We are all searching for something in this life, but when you actually get what you were after, was it all worth it in the end? This is where all the struggles of the Tower come in; The true test that pushes everyone within it to ask themselves how badly they want what they came for.

When Tower of God opens, we are asked why we are climbing the Tower. Is it for “money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all?” And what transcends them all? Love.

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It is this difference that sets the Tower’s candidates apart; Those who are climbing the tower for vain reasons vs. those who are seeking something much more pure of heart. This is something that plagues us everyday in life. What do we live for and how does that drive us, both for the better and worse?

Tower of God Episode 1 & 2: Recap & Review - Otaku Orbit

It is these questions and more that make Tower of God first season stand out as one of the best anime showings in 2020 so far, even though its not perfect as I’ll explain.

The one thing Tower of God‘s anime does particularly well is telling the story of Bam and Rachel. Whether you like Rachel or not, she is still the driving force that is pushing Bam to climb the Tower. Without her, there’s literally no where for him to go. Since Bam sees her as his light, she is his ticket out of the darkness. He doesn’t need anything else but that which is directly in front of him.

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Rachel, however, wants to see the stars, but the ironic thing is that she’s been staring at one this whole time. Bam is a star surrounded by other stars (his comrades); He’s not alone, but Rachel is, and she starts to realize this. She alone stands in the darkness, and it is for that reason, she begins to resent him; She is always in his shadow and this is where her betrayal takes root.

I also have to say that I’ve never hated a character so much as I do Rachel as of now. In the past, I’ve had other anime completely surprise me by giving the most despicable character a reason that made their deeds justifiable, but Headon’s words about her being ugly let me know there’s nothing about this girl and her actions that are redeemable.

Tower Of God Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW: My Introduction To Webtoons Was  AMAZING! – Demon God Tadd

As it currently stands, she’s rotten and selfish to the core. But, this could very well change given that we don’t fully know her motivations as of yet or whether they will be influenced by Bam later down the road.

Rachel’s there pushing Bam to climb the Tower, but after the first season, I can’t help but wonder if the only reason she exists is to destroy him. Or is it the other way around? Does Bam exist to save her? The way this anime keeps you guessing like this is unparalleled, and that alone makes it successful in its delivery. It overall captures the mysticism of the Tower and those who climb it.

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