Mieruko Chan Season 1 Anime Review

A girl suddenly starts seeing monsters around her but nobody else can see them. Rather than trying to run away or face them, she instead musters all of her courage and ignores them. Join in on her day-to-day life as she keeps up her best poker face despite being surrounded by monsters.


Miko Yotsuya’s eyes water as she fixates on a single spot on her phone—she ignores yet another dreadful, horrific monster that is in her face, uttering the disturbing words: “Can you see me?” Before now, Miko enjoyed her unassuming high school days, with late-night horror shows serving only as a form of entertainment. But ever since one fateful day, she is the only person aware of the invisible monsters walking freely among humans.

Courageously, Miko makes a bold decision: she will never, under any condition, acknowledge the presence of the horrid specters. However, even though she pretends they do not exist, she can still see how they disturb the people around her, especially her best friend, the energetic and lovely Hana Yurikawa. In order to protect them from the monsters’ annoyances, Miko gives it her best to continue her school life and avoid every troublesome crisis—even when they scare her to tears.


Mieruko-Chan so far is basically a run of the mill slice of life Anime with a creepy backdrop. It´s not really horrific or disturbing, and doesn’t feel like a horror series at all. Creepy, yes. Horror, no. The danger and the rules of the world so far are rather unclear. That wouldn’t be that much of a problem normally, but there isn’t much else that’s happening. So not knowing if anyone is even in danger at any given time or how this danger looks like, doesn’t help much either.

On the positive side, it´s at least kinda entertaining watching our protagonist doing her best not to react to the ghosts around her and at times there is even some tense atmosphere, i just wished there was more of it.

Well in this season we had a lot and I mean a lot of anime out. Despite of those anime one of the few anime that stood out among the crowd was Mieruko-chan. It has a good blend of horror & comedy both into it. So honestly I quite liked it.

So I’m gonna rate a few factors of this anime on a scale of 1-10, Let’s go.

Story 8
The plot of the anime looks pretty straight forward right? Well you are not wrong about it. But some times straight forward plots also give us something good Mieruko-chan is just that type of anime. The comedy blends perfectly with the horror theme of the anime. And the story arcs are quite nice too. So I would give it an 8 in story.

Art 9
Well no complains in the art & animation of the anime. Studio Passion did a very good job in animating the anime. Some ghost sightings literally give you chills due to the art & animation of the anime. Each and every scene is properly animated & designed. So this gets a solid 9.

Sound 8
Now let’s be real who didn’t liked the opening of the anime. It was really quite amazing. Not only the opening the OST’s of the anime are quite good too. During the ghost sightings specially the OST play and important part to give you the real feel of the anime. I quite liked that of this anime. So, I would give it an 8 in Sound.

Character 7
The only parts the anime lacks behind a little is it’s characters & their development. We really just get to see 2 characters in the screen most of the time. I mean I know they are the main characters but at least focus a little on the side characters as well. As far as I can say this might be the only drawback for the anime. So, I would give it a 7 in characters.

Enjoyment 8
Now, if I had to pick an anime from this season that I enjoyed a lot regardless of its flaws it would definitely be Mieruko-chan. One of the main things that kept me hooked up to the anime was it’s animation & perfect blend of comedy and horror. So I would give it an 8.

Mieruko-Chan anime series doesn’t seem to have come to an end yet so it’s still safe to assume that there are better things to look forward to in the upcoming episodes, this review was solely written based off the episodes I have watched thus far, So when I get fresh information and content, I’d be sure to update this article.

Please put down your personal reviews down in the comment section, let’s share our personal feelings for this new anime and help encourage those who haven’t watched it yet to do so.

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