Killing Bites: Will The Anime Receive A Second Season?

According to Techradar247, Liden Films or any of the anime producers are yet to greenlight Killing Bites Season 2. Looking at the studio’s schedule, it might not pick up the sequel for a few years. Even if the productions start by next year, the second season may not arrive anytime sooner than late 2021 or 2022.

Killing Bites Season 2

Killing Bites Season 2 is also known as Kiringu Baitsu is a sci-fi series based in Japan. It is an anime adaption of the manga by the same name and written by Shinya Murata. The series had a total of twelve episodes, and Liden Films produced it. The series was a decent hit and even picked up for a video game. It firstly aired in January of 2018 and ended in March of the same year.

The series was a massive hit and left a remark on the viewers of the show. Since then, fans have been demanding a second season as it has been three years since the initial release. However, there have been no updates regarding a second season of the show by the makers. It has been getting the fans desperate. As time passes, enthusiasts have been wondering if they will ever see a second season of the show.

So here are all the details that I have about the second installment and whether it will ever happen.

Killing Bites Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Killing Bites was a massive hit among the viewers and was an instant hit. It caused the fans to demand more from the show makers, and thus for the past three years, they have been asking for the details for the second season. However, the officials have kept their mouths shut, which has caused desperation and curiosity among the show’s fandom. Unfortunately, the production studio keeps its mouth shut and the green light to the show. However, the fans are still hopeful that they will see another show season as it has not been canceled yet. Also, as the exhibit has quite a fan base demanding a second season, we can expect that sooner or later, we can get to see the second season sooner or later.

One more important question is whether the makers have enough source material to pull a second season, and the answer is yes. As mentioned earlier, the series base on manga. The manga started in 2013, and since then, it has released 16 volumes in total and is still running. In addition, the show’s first season adapted 6bookss in total, so they have more than enough source material to make a second season, and they can even stretch it to a third season.

So can we say that the anime will surely return? The anime had a huge fan following, and thus the Liden productions can profit by releasing a second season. Moreover, they have enough material and resources to lit a second season in place.

Killing Bites Season 2: Release Date, Cast And Other Updates - Inspired  Traveler

The fans can even expect an announcement later this year itself regarding the future of the show.

So far, there’s no specifics of the broadcast agenda for Killing Bites Season 2 by Liden Films. As this anime is among the most widely used anime both among youthful people and adults.

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