Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date And All You Need To Know

In the vast world that Korean author S.I.U. has created, there are many secrets to uncover. It’s no wonder, then, why Crunchyroll adapted the original comic as one of its own Crunchyroll Originals in 2020, and why it became so popular as a result.

Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date; Is It Worth Watching?

Despite its success as both a comic and an anime, however, it has been over a year since fans have heard anything regarding the anime’s continuation. Crunchyroll only ever hosted a single, 13-episode season of the series. Today, fans are still asking for more, seemingly to no avail. Regardless, it’s hard to think that such a popular anime, with over 10 years of source material still left to adapt, could be given up on so quickly. Thus, fans still hold out hope for the series. Here is what we know so far about the potential second season of “Tower of God.”

Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll has not revealed when Tower of God Season 2 is set to debut. In fact, the studio hasn’t even confirmed whether or not the series will be brought back for a second season. “Tower of God” Season 1 finished airing in August 2020, yet Crunchyroll has barely spoken a word on the topic.

Tower Of God Season 2 release date: Kami no Tou Season 2 predictions

However, the situation is far from hopeless. Technically, Crunchyroll hasn’t canceled the show, and it wouldn’t be the first anime to take breaks of at least one year in between seasons. Hopefully, this means that “Tower of God” will make a comeback someday soon. Assuming Crunchyroll is working on a second season, however, fans can expect to see it come out as early as late 2022. However, that is merely speculation. Fans aren’t going to get a concrete release date until Crunchyroll says otherwise. Luckily, even if that never happens, fans can always go read the original comic to catch up with the story.

Tower Of God Season 2 Plot

Khun, Rak, and Bam standing

When Season 1 of “Tower of God” wrapped up, Bam was treated with quite a nice surprise. After coming all of this way to find Rachel, and even helping her with the administrator’s test, Rachel betrays him at the last minute for her own gain. Her backstory is fleshed out, revealing that she had been using Bam the entire time to make her way up the Tower. Eventually, she knows she will be forced to kill him, something which seemingly happened after she pushed him off of a cliff.

However, Bam is still alive, and more determined than ever to climb the Tower and seek out answers for Rachel’s behavior. It’s a whole new chapter as Bam sets off on another quest to find his lady love. Of course, that won’t stop new enemies, strange challenges, and the increasingly intricate world of the Tower from trying to stop him. Season 2 of the original comic introduced more of all of these elements over the course of its 337 chapters.

The Characters To Expect In Season 2

Will Tower of god season 2 hit the screen again? Let's find it out and also  know the truth and all the details - The Market Activity

So far, “Tower of God” has spun a complex web of characters and character relationships befitting the Tower’s reputation. There are entire worlds to discover inside the Tower, and they are defined by how the characters interact with each other during their journey. This entire story would not have happened, for instance, had Rachel (Saori Hayami/Valerie Rose Lohman) not entered it so that she could “see the stars” (via Myanimelist) Such an act might just cause the series’ protagonist, Bam (Taichi Ichikawa/Johnny Yong Bosch), to enter the Tower himself in search of the only girl who ever showed him kindness.

Thankfully, no hero on a mission to save his princess is ever deprived of allies (or enemies for that matter). Tower guardians such as Headon (Houchuu Ootsuka/Christopher Swindle) somewhat occupy the latter category. Meanwhile, characters like Yuri (Mariko Honda/Kira Buckland), Khun (Nobuhiko Okamoto), and Rak (Kenta Miyake/Matthew David Rudd) have been supporting Bam from the beginning, and will likely continue to do so should Crunchyroll ever greenlight Season 2.

Source: Looper

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